About Me

Crystal Kate_Brick Wall

Hi! I’m Crystal Kate, a new bride, not so new pup-mom, new home owner and preschool teacher. Born a Seminole, heart of a [LSU] Tiger and currently a Houstonian. When I’m not molding mini-minds I enjoy hand lettering projects, decorating or working on my home, going on dates with my hubs, having watch parties with my friends (mainly Bravo shows and The Bachelor but honestly I watch a lot), reading (mainly blogs) and now writing (one of my own).

I am wanting to help people live a healthy balanced life, which isn’t always just eating healthy. Taking care of your skin is important, because if you can’t be comfortable in your skin, who can? Finding a balance in friendships, work, family, new family, hobbies, etc. is helpful daily but more so in the long run. Creating healthy boundaries, so you can enjoy things and people in a healthy manner. Making time for yourself!! Cause if you aren’t happy, it is harder to enjoy all that life has to offer. I have a laundry list of little things that I want to share (mainly my current favorite beauty tip or new pair of pants) but still. It’s the little things 🙂

I look forward to helping the working girl, the every-girl, new brides and brides to-be with relatable content on beauty, fashion and an overall lifestyle in a way that is helpful, balancing and inspiring.


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