Cheap Thrills & Fall Feels

The other day I was going through my closet and I was felt like I had no cute, casual shirts. Like I’m not “dressing up” to go to the store but surprisingly, I don’t always want to wear work out clothes and especially with my job, it’s nice to just “look nice”. With the holidays coming up I feel a little guilty buying anything for myself because I feel like we should be thinking of others.

However, I found a couple of shirts for a steal so I don’t feel that bad about them. From what I’ve gathered, it’s mainly this brand that is so affordable. I found the t-shirt styled top initially from MrsCasual and it comes in a number of colors so this could even be an opportunity to expand your horizons and go with a color you know you generally don’t wear because there wouldn’t be a big loss if it’s not something you love. For me, I can’t have enough white tops so I opted for the soft pink. And the craziest part of all of this was I found them on Amazon!

Amazon isn’t really my go-to shop for clothes but with these prices I was intrigued. So then the search was really on and I linked some of the cuties I found:

I even tried the new velvet trend. I love the choker/v-neck and the long bell sleeves. I have a dress like it but a lot more expensive and not velvet. This is a fun piece for the the fall. The black bell sleeved top is super cute with some layered simple necklaces. But the t-shirt styled shirt is still probably my favorite and even though I got the paler pink I’m thinking I’m still going to order the white one. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality! I’ll definitely be ordering from them more, especially for layering as we progress more into the Winter.

All of these tops look great with some staple jeans and booties. For a more casual look I wear the shorter heels but if I’m feeling a little fancier the higher heel. I linked some options below:

I’m literally always on Amazon whether I’m ordering craft supplies, puppy goodies for Win, or just random house stuff. Now is the perfect time to get all your stuff shipped free for the holiday season! Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial


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Born in the Seminole state, heart of a [LSU] Tiger and currently a Houstonian. I am a new bride and new home owner. Recently, I have been enjoying decorating our new house and have developed a new love for candles. I hope to share my growing interests and continuous love for hand-lettering, beauty, fashion and overall lifestyle in a way that is helpful and inspiring.

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